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...betrayed by the medical establishment

Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski might have been born in Poland, but if you or a loved one want to ward off cancer, then consider him an American Hero betrayed by the medical establishment.

Graduating from med school at just 24-years-old, Dr. Burzynski was a true medical prodigy.

Miracle Therapy

In the 1970s, Dr. Burzynski noticed most “mainstream” cures like chemo and radiation did not extend life. In fact, they made cancer worse. He knew there had to be a better way. Late one night, he made the discovery of the century. Dr. Burzynski discovered a certain peptide that "turns on" cancer killing genes and also switches OFF cancer causing genes at the same time.

The best part, it is completely natural and has no bad side effects. With this strange peptide, Dr. Burzynski’s patients had a much better success rate than chemo or any other "toxic" caner treatment.

For example, 11-year-old Jessica Ressel had an incurable brain tumor. However, after Dr. Burzynski gave Jessica a healthy dose of his remarkable formula, an MRI scan revealed her tumor had vanished! Today, Jessica is a healthy, cancer-free woman with her own family... All thanks to Dr. Burzynski’s “miracle” therapy.

Over $60 million of taxpayer money was used to shut him down

Magic Key

Excited to get folks OFF chemo and save millions, Dr. Burzynski revealed his discovery to the FDA and the National Cancer Institute. BIG MISTAKE! 

The FDA saw Dr. Burzynski as a threat to their billion-dollar cancer profit machine. So, they swooped in and tried to revoke his medical license not once but THREE times through the federal courts.

Over $60 million of taxpayer money was used to shut him down. And it gets even more sinister: FDA scientists tried to reverse engineer and STEAL his formula.  Yet they failed time after time.

Fortunately, another MD, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez concocted a similar treatment based on Dr. Burzynski’s discovery. Health experts say this astonishing discovery could be the “magic key” to finally kicking cancer to the curb forever.

During his clinical trials, Doctor Burzynski put in to remission 1,200 cancer patients with various types of cancer. In addition 240 people with brain cancer were also put into remission. Tumors disappeared at the rate of 60 to 70% with the first injection of Antineoplaston. The FDA accepted both phase one and two of the cancer clinical trials.

Imagine how many people could have been saved because of the greed and the money the pharmaceutical companies along with the FDA have taken to keep a cancer cure away from America. When is our government going to stand up to Big Pharma and tell the FDA to recognize alternative medicine?

The FDA took Doctor Burzynski to Federal court with the intent to take away his medical license and put him in jail. All three attempts failed and the court found doctor Burzynski innocent of all charges.

The Media has refused to tell the public there are remissions for cancer. I assume the doctor welcomes any TV or radio show to hear the truth how the FDA choose who can live and who will die.


Since the late 70’s more than 15 million people have died from cancer or the treatment.

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